We also carry the following coatings:
• Standard gloss inkjettable/stampable/glueable Aqueous
• High gloss ONE sided (almost as glossy as UV)
• Satin • Matte • FDA approved low odor matte
• Velvet/soft feel aqueous coating • As well as spot varnishes

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Booklet Making and Folding:
At full capacity we can produce 3,500 books an hour. Our machines can fold 28”x40” sheets all the way down to small miniature folded packaging inserts. With a maximum put through speed at 8,071 inches per minute your job will be completed right on time!

Die Cutting:
With custom die cutting, you’ll stand out from the crowd! From custom pocket folders, boxes, business card slits, and books with die-cut tabs to unique branded designs, we specialize in stock and custom die-cutting projects! We can produce die cut jobs up to 14”x20” in house.

Embossing can add a stately and elegant effect to packaging, pocket folders, business cards, and more. This process involves the use of a metal “stamp” that is forged  out of magnesium, brass, or copper to create an indentation on the surface of the paper. Our embossing capability is up to 14”x20” in house, on our Kluge. We can produce both blind embossing and registered embossing jobs.

Hot Foil Stamping:
If you want your printed piece to really shine, add a foil stamp! Foil stamping is a great way to add a custom touch to your printed product by applying a thin film of metal to paper that creates elegant, eye-catching results.

Up to 1/5 of an inch. Scratch off application Blind foil stamping Registered foil stamping.

Glue Line:
Mariano Press, LLC now offers an in house automated glue line, capable of doing multiple positions in a single pass. This machine can also lay down double sided tape.

The phrase “age is just a number” can also be applied to machines as we have an original vintage Heidelberg windmill press with a sheet size of up to 10.25″x15″and a maximum image area of approximately 10″x13″. This versatile old dog keeps up with our modern equipment quite well and can print, die cut and number jobs with 21st century speed. This classic work horse runs more often than you’d expect at our facility!

Whether your job requires micro perfs, standard perfs, or perfs done vertical, horizontal or right angle, Mariano Press, LLC has you covered! From raffle tickets to invoices and more! If your job needs numbers, we can
crash number, skip number, or number digitally in our facility. Our folders and our Miehle vertical press can produce a finished product perfed to perfection!

From raffle tickets to invoices and more! If your job need numbers, we can crash number, skip number or number digitally in our facility.

Scratch Offs:
We also have the ability to add scratch off coatings to most substrates for all your promotional or marketing needs.