Mariano Press, LLC   has printed millions of package inserts for consumers of all types such as pharmaceutical inserts, financial disclosures found in credit card statements, as well as promotions used to promote special membership and trial offers.

Package Inserts are offered in a multi-panel, folded format and can include an attached business reply envelope. We offer a variety of paper stocks (coated and uncoated) and inks from 1/1 to 4/4 and promise quality printing to insure your package inserts arrive in the best condition for immediate insertion.

Mariano Press, LLC, can provide you with a miniature folded version of all your package inserts, designed, printed and folded to perfectly fit your packaging requirements.

•    Miniature Folding

•    Coupons

•    Instruction Sheets

•    Pharmaceutical Inserts

•    Product Brochures

•    Use and Care Sheets

•    Warranties and much more!