Who and Where:

We’re a not-only-for profit full service commercial printer.  We manufacture mostly in Somerset NJ, with clients both locally and globally.  We have 10 presses on our floor operated by craftsmen with 300+ years of combined printing experience.  We can print the equivalent of 150,000 8.5×11 sheets an hour.  We’re small enough to know you and big enough to get the job done.

Thanks to the support from our tremendous customers we donated over 100,000 meals in 2018 through our partnership with Feeding America!

Mariano Press Donates 100,000 Meals in 2018!

What We are Doing:

• Every twenty dollars spent with us generates one meal for an American, helping directly to offset hunger.

• We provide jobs and income on a local, community level, helping to give back to Americans and provide a sustainable future for them and their families.

• Our paper is sourced from managed forests, which means for every tree cut down two new trees are planted. This ensures ecological stability, securing the future for  everyone.

• We use soy-based inks, reducing environmental impact from the printing process, and making all of our products as recycle friendly as possible.

• With our valued partners, Mariano Press is striving to reach our next milestone of 250,000 meals donated.


The Facts:

• Food insecurity is a lack of access to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members. Those who are food insecure have limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate foods.

• 42 million people (1 in 8) in America are food insecure.

• 13 million are children (1 in 6).

• 66% of households report having to choose between paying for food and paying for medicine or medical care.

• 79% of households report buying the cheapest food available, regardless of its nutritional value, in order to get enough for the entire household.

Feeding America Fact Sheet

Why Meals?

A Letter from the Owner:

    As an adolescent I had a great sense of patriotism and pride as an American. When I entered college my world view broadened, and I was disappointed by problems I discovered right here in the US. Foremost was the issue of food insecurity, and how children in my own country were going to school hungry.

    In college I learned of an organization called America’s Second Harvest which is Feeding America’s former name, where 98% of the proceeds go directly to the cause of recovering food that is going to waste. I wrote papers, advocated, and contributed directly to the cause. Today, as a business owner I can produce greater results with the leverage of my company.

    I love printing and helping to share your message. But I’ve always wanted to do something bigger, and have a social impact for our people. I took to heart the idea of alleviating the suffering of others and the concept of a bigger table not a higher fence.  Until recently I wasn’t sure how a printing company could take on this cause.  The charity that we contribute to, www.feedingamerica.org , is working on solving hunger in the United States, and if this works hopefully it will be scaled to the world.

    With this new initiative our vision is to show the world a better way to do business. I hope that this framework is copied by others and that we create ripple effects of positive change throughout the world.

Thank you for choosing Mariano Press,

 Jeremy Mariano

How we’re doing it:

We donate a percentage of all sales to hunger relief in the United States by donating a percentage to Feeding America. The more we print, the more meals are generated. We’re asking for the opportunity to earn any additional projects to help our goal of producing meals for those in need.  We’re actively looking for customers who care about quality printing and making a difference.

How you can help change the world:

• Volunteer.

• Tell people about us.

• Establish and participate in similar initiatives within your organization.

• Donate directly to offset hunger on a national level here, on a NJ state level here, and on a local level here.