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Desk Blotter Calendar

Liven up your workspace, keep track of important meetings, and even protect the surface of your desk with a customized desk calendar designed by Mariano Press, LLC!

We will design and print the perfect calendar to keep on your desk with plenty of space for jotting notes, appointments and lists! This calendar helps you stay organized while keeping your workspace looking fresh.


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Wall Calendar

Wall calendars are an ideal way to stay in front of your customers or members all year long.Include important dates and eye-popping imagery to make your calendar a keepsake that everyone wants to display.Calendars are perfect for any size business and affordable enough for school fundraisers or non-profit fundraisers. Choose from an assortment of sizes and styles that help you be creative and stay visible year round!




Calendar Magnets

Cover your fridge with favorite memories and a quick-reference schedule!  Custom calendar magnets help your customers remember your business year round by keeping your information right at their fingertips!

Wire-o Spine Calendars

Wire-O Calendars are a great product for marketing or just creating unique gifts for your friends and family over the holidays.

A spiral bound calendar’s pages don’t need to be printed in multiples of 4 like a stapled calendars pages do. This gives you more versatility in the amount of pages you want in your calendar and will also allow you to print a calendar with an odd number of pages.

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Saddle Stitch Calendar with Hang Hole

Click here for stock calendars that you can add your own imprint to.